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Active since 2006

Customizable interior design

Studio Intério is an interior design company that delivers a comprehensive residential interior design service to individuals and commercial clients. Studio Intério was founded by Ingrid Versmissen in 2006. After working in the real estate consultancy sector and in the interior & fashion industry for several years, Ingrid followed her passion for interior design.

Ingrid Versmissen has more than a long history of experience as an interior designer in the high-end market. She has an eye for beautiful modern and new classic design and guides her clients by making the right choices. Along with her experienced interior design team, she offers you a good service, from concept development to complete project management. Studio Intério incorporates all the latest trends and technical innovations in a personal design for your interior.

Studio Intério

Located in Riel (Noord-Brabant – The Netherlands)

In the interior design & engineering sector Studio Intério has been working on residential and commercial projects for private and corporate clients in several European countries such as Monaco, Marbella, London and France.  Natural materials and elegant designs cross the boundaries of conventional interior design that create an environment that continues to exceed expectations in terms of functionality and style for customized interiors. Studio Intério undertakes projects of all sizes: from a colour scheme and working with existing furnishings to the complete re-design of your home or business interior. The company’s strengths are effective space planning, the use of lighting, colours, textures and the combining of furniture elements with a selection of art and accessories.

Our clients can be assured of established relationships with specialist, suppliers and contractors.

What can we do for you?

Our working method

How do we choose a good colour scheme?

Color advice

Together we look at the colours of your floor, furniture, curtains and then choose colours that match or are an extension of that. To provide personal colour advice it is important to experience the atmosphere of your home. In case of colour advice and wallpaper advice, let us inquire and, above all, surprise you with a diversity of different paint pigments. Our committed employees are happy to help you at any time.

How do we choose the right fabrics?

Curtain and upholstery advice

You can count on the right advice regarding lightfastness, fabric quality and the perfect colour match with your interior. We take curtain samples to your home for this, so it is noticeable that the choice process of curtains becomes simpler for most customers if we take this in advance. You can see the samples directly in the living environment and can adjust this to the floors, wall colours or wallpaper and the furniture.

We are still looking for new staff!

Do you want to work at Studio Intério? Apply today!

We are always open to a passionate and creative talent. You can apply at Studio Intério if you have gained some experience in the interior design industry and if you would love to work with us. Maybe you will join our team within a few weeks!

Working at Studio Intério

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