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Technical sketches

De visualisatie van het ontwerp

When you have chosen the final design and the design that has your final preference, we will translate this into a technical drawing. We will work out the entire project in detail so that surprises during your renovation are excluded. The materials, colours and procedure will be precisely described in a specification, whereby the executing parties can make the project out in detail.

Once the basis of the design has been laid, it’s time for all of the details. Which type of open fireplace with which interior do you prefer? What kind of material do you want and with what kind of furniture style do you want this combined? When we have list all the points, we can make a detailed design for you, where a interior builder can continue the work.

3D Visualizations

Door middel van een technische schets

A 3D is a visualization of the final 2D design. There are several 3D visualizations possible: the 3D can be made by a computer sketch or you can choose for a beautiful realistic image by hand. With the 3D you can get a life like representation of your home or company building. You have something in hands to get the interior to continue, or you can get a better picture of how something will look like.

Lighting & electricity plan

Aansluitpunten in het ontwerp

If you know which room is going to serve for what is it time for the lighting and electricity plan. These are drawings where we indicate in detail with symbols, where the connection points should be. If necessary the electric plan can be point out.

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