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From beauty salons to healthcare institutions

Creating an environment which matches with the provided care is one of our specialisms. The optimal environment for healthcare institutions is essential for those who need care and those who provide care. Our interior specialists collaborate with you to realize the desired goals you have as a client. This could be for your beauty salon or healthcare institution. Together with Studio Intério you will achieve the best styling.

Setting up healthcare institutions needs a different approach than a standard project design. In healthcare more factors must be taken into account. Whether it concerns nursing homes, care homes for disabled people, general clientele or daycare for children. Every institution or company needs its own approach. Therefore, it’s very important to have a good business relationship, where there is room to elaborate on wishes and requirements that are necessary for your institution.

Expat interior design services

When an expat moves to the Netherlands, temporarily or permanently, it’s our pleasure to feel them make at home in our country. We are ready to advise you or purchase the needed furniture for your temporary home. We can also provide fully furnished rental furniture packages including fabrics, window dressing, kitchen, bathroom, lighting and accessories. We can also give colour and styling advice for your home.

Whether it’s a complete restoration or newly to build home or apartment, our range of services for expats is very broad. Form custom furniture design or 2d plans to 3D visualizations. We are pleased to offer you our expertise to support your project and provide a creative professional input. Contact us for:

  • Supply of furniture
  • Refreshing/restyling you furniture and interior
  • Customized furniture
  • Facility support & project management

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